by alex

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hi friends & friends to be. this is the polished, improved, expanded & definitive version of shells, a story originally written a few years ago. it stars everyone's favourite princess in a sharp red journey towards freedom on the back of her enemy.
features include: seven different endings! two of them never seen before by human eyes! they were supposed to happy endings but... i suppose, things didn't quite turn out as intended. isn't that always the way.
there's also, let's see. a few colours that look pretty nice together, i think? it's mostly words, though. if i had to pick one thing to describe as the main feature of the story, it would probably be the words.
my favourite ending is probably heading east & then slipping inside. let me know which one you like the best by thinking about it really hard ok.
i recommend playing in full screen mode.
thanks. take care.

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